South-East Local Record Centre Forum

The home of the London and South East region Local Record Centres

There are 8 Local Record Centres (LRCs) in the London and South East Region (LaSER). The LRCs of the South East and London work together, as not only do they feel a geographical association but also a desire to see the London LRC develop with the support of other LRCs.

LaSER LRcs have been working together in a cohesive group for the past three years (SELRC Forum). The group meets quarterly and discusses a wide range of topics covering:

  • Development of the LaSER LRC network
  • Developments within the National Biodiversity Network (NBN)
  • New developments in Recording and GIS software
  • Links with the South East England Biodiversity Forum (SEEBF)
  • Links with the SE Development Agency
  • Regional funding opportunities
  • New Partnership opportunities
  • Best Practice for LRCs

The Record Centres within the SELRC Forum are all at differing stages of development.

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